Granting Process

Grant requests may be received at anytime but all grant requests must be received by our office no later than September 30th of the year in which your organization wishes to receive the grant. If you are chosen to receive a grant by our Foundation you will be notified no later than November 30th and your organization will receive payment of our grant no later than February 15th of the following year.

Our Foundation may only accept grant applications from authorized and current 501(c)3 Corporations.


All grant requests must be in PDF format and attached to your email and submitted through the link below. They must include the amount of the grant requested, preferably in the letter of introduction, reason and the explanation as to the use of the grant, history and bio's of all pertinent people of your organization, prior year's financial statement, copy of your foundation's latest IRS 990PF tax filing, a copy of your 501(c)3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service and your current valid mailing address. Please state your organization's name and grant amount requested in the subject line of the email and the first paragraph of your proposal. The total file size of your request, including attachments, should not exceed 10MB. If it is necessary to send something bigger, please use multiple emails with the subject line indicating your request.

For help understanding the granting process, please follow this link: